Forest Industries Intelligence

Forest Industries Intelligence Ltd is a UK-based consultancy specialising in forest industry market intelligence and trade analysis, marketing and promotion, international timber trade issues, forest policy and sustainability, and life cycle assessment.

The company is led by Rupert Oliver who has over 20 years’ experience working in the international timber trade and industry. He is regularly consulted by international and national agencies on timber market developments. He has written extensively on hardwood markets and forest management issues for a wide range of European trade and industry journals. 

Rupert Oliver is the European correspondent for the ITTO’s Market Information Service and writes regular monthly reports on European forest products markets for the Beijing Academy of Management. He is also the lead author on hardwoods for the Annual Market Review of the UNECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry.

Rupert Oliver is Sustainability Consultant to the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), playing a lead role in the development of environmental marketing strategy for the US hardwood export industry. He contributed to the preparation of AHEC’s cradle-to-gate Life Cycle Assessment on American sawn hardwood and veneer delivered into export markets, the largest ever LCA study undertaken in the global hardwood industry. He has also played a lead role in AHEC’s pioneering work to demonstrate legal and sustainable harvesting in the small non-industrial forestry sector through third party peer-reviewed risk assessment.

Rupert Oliver is working with AHEC and PE-International, a leading global provider of sustainability services, to develop the American Hardwood Environmental Profile (AHEP) system to provide consignment and species specific environmental data at point of delivery on US hardwoods delivered into export markets.   

On-going market analysis work includes preparing a quarterly report on trade impacts of the EU Timber Regulation for the European Timber Trade Federation. FII Ltd regularly contributes information on international forest products trade flows to support FLEGT-related projects undertaken by the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), Forest Trends, and TRAFFIC.

FII Ltd is working alongside the facilitator to the new Global Timber Forum to put in place a framework for regular market survey work and statistical analysis in order to improve flow and quality of market intelligence to and from the international timber trade and industry.

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