AF&PA – Trade and Environment Program in Europe Reports


Report PDF: T&E_Jan_Apr_2009


Summary and highlights. p3

1: International Agreements and institutions. p5
1.1: European Union. p5
1.1.1: EC Due Diligence Legislation. p5
1.1.2: Renewables Directive. p6
1.1.3: Emissions Trading System. p6
1.1.4: FLEGT VPA Negotiations. p7
1.1.5: Green political lobbying in Brussels. p8
1.2: Climate change. p9
1.2.1: REDD goes into overdrive during 2009. p9
1.2.2: Funding for REDD through carbon markets or inter-governmental transfer?. p10
1.2.3: Anticipated phased introduction of global REDD framework. p11
1.2.4: World Bank Forest Carbon Facility. p11
1.2.5: UN-REDD project. p12
1.3: Global sustainable forest management agreement “in limbo”. p13

2: National level developments in Europe. p14
2.1: United Kingdom. p14
2.1.1: Government procurement policy. p14
2.1.2: Ecobuild. p15
2.1.3: BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes. p17
2.1.4: Carbon footprint labelling. p18
2.2: Germany. p18
2.3: Italy. p18
2.4: Spain. p19
2.5: Netherlands. p19
2.6: Finland. p20

3: Development of Forest Certification. p21
Note this section draws heavily on the UNECE Timber Committee Chapter on Forest Certification which has been prepared this year by the T&E Consultant with the support of AHEC.
3.1: Overview. p21
3.2: Regional developments in forest certification. p22
3.2.1: Europe. p22
3.2.2: Russia. p23
3.2.3: Canada. p23
3.2.4: Japan. p23
3.2.5: China. p24
3.2.6: Africa. p25
3.2.7: South East Asia. p26
3.2.8: South America. p27
3.3: Market demand for certified forest products. p27
3.3.1: Extent of chain of custody certification. p27
3.3.2: WWF GFTN membership in the EU stabilises at a low level. p28
3.4: Certification policy issues. p29
3.4.1: Links between forest certification and climate change. p29
3.4.2: Development of legality verification. p30

4: ENGO campaigns. p30
4.1: European Environmental Paper Network. p30
4.2: WWF Guide to Buying Paper and Scorecard. p31


Report PDF: T&E_Jun_Nov_2009


Summary and highlights. p3

1: International Agreements and institutions. p5
1.1: European Union. p5
1.1.1: EC Due Diligence Legislation. p5
1.1.2: European Council position on UNFCCC Copenhagen Summit. p6
1.1.3: Rising alarm over the impact of climate change on European forests. p6
1.1.4: Renewable Energy Directive establishes sustainability criteria for biomass. p6
1.1.5: Possible legally binding agreement for European forests. p7
1.1.6: FLEGT VPA Negotiations. p8
1.2: Climate change. p8
1.2.1: Prospects for Copenhagen. p8
1.2.2: Status of REDD negotiations. p9
1.2.3: Accounting for LULUCF including Harvested Wood Products. p11
1.2.4: REDD runs risk of widespread fraud. p12
1.2.5: CDM rules change to allow conversion of exhausted forests to plantations. p12
1.3: International Tropical Timber Organisation. p13
1.4: UN Forum on Forests. p14
1.5: UNECE Timber Committee Green Building Workshop. p14
1.6: Forest Footprint Disclosure Project. p16

2: National level developments in Europe. p16
2.1: United Kingdom. p16
2.1.1: Introducing social criteria into Government procurement policy. p16
2.1.2: Promoting to local authorities. p17
2.1.3: B&Q. p17
2.2: Netherlands. p17
2.3: France. p18
2.3.1: Grenelle 1 Law should benefit wood. p18
2.3.2: Possible moves to tighten up timber procurement requirements. p18
2.4: Scandinavian government procurement policies. p19
2.5: Norway in bilateral deals on REDD. p20

3: National level developments outside Europe. p21
3.1: Brazil pledges ambitious emissions reductions. p21
3.2: China-Indonesia co-operation. p21

4: Development of Forest Certification. p21
4.1: Global overview. p21
4.2: PEFC Secretary General highlights key issues for certification in 2010. p23
4.3: Proposed new LEED Forest Certification credit fails to satisfy critics. p24
4.4: Tit-for-tat submissions to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. p25
4.5: FSC say PEFC doesn’t meet Controlled Wood. p26

5: ENGO campaigns. p27
5.1: Protesting Monoculture Tree Plantations. p27
5.2: NGOs against carbon trading. p27
5.3: Greens seek to use REDD as a lever to phase out tropical logging. p27
5.4: Greenpeace dispute benefits of Bolivian REDD project. p27
5.5: ENGOs step up efforts to discredit PEFC... p28
5.6: …and FSC. p28
5.7: Global Witness targets continuing illegal wood trade with Myanmar. p28
5.8: Renewed criticism of Sarawak. p29
5.9: DLH in the dock. p29
5.10: Greenpeace “ghost trees” campaign. p29
5.11: Targeting plantations in Indonesia. p30

6: Publications and reports. p30
6.1: World Growth puts economic case for tropical forest conversion. p30
6.2: Long term outlook for tropical hardwood products. p31
6.3: Monitoring the competitiveness of tropical hardwoods. p31
6.4: Progress in Timber Procurement Policies. p32
6.5: Scientists say focus on carbon distorts forest conservation decisions. p32
6.6: UNEP report highlights lunacy of biofuel production targets. p33

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