AF&PA – Trade and Environment Program in Europe Reports


Report PDF: T&E_Jan_Mar_2007

Report annex: T&E_Jan_Mar_2007_annex


1: Development of Forest Certification. p4

1.1: Overview of global certified forest area. p4
1.2: Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). p4
1.1.1: Status and area. p4
1.1.2: New strategy in development. p5
1.1.3: Panel of experts to ensure greater international consistency. p5
1.1.4: Marketing. p5
1.2: Forest Stewardship Council. p6
1.2.1: Status and area. p6
1.2.2: FSC claims status as “the internationally recognised standard for forest management”. p6
1.2.3: FSC expands in the Mediterranean. p7

2: International Agreements and institutions. p8
2.1: European Union. p8
2.1.1: FLEGT VPA Negotiations. p8
2.1.2: EC consultation on “Additional Legislative Options”. p9
2.1.3: New guidelines impose new environmental conditions on EU state aid for forestry. p10
2.3: International banks encourage certification. p11
2.4: Role of CITES to tackle illegal logging. p13
2.5: FAO State of the World’s Forests 2007. p13
2.6: UNFF Preparations. p14
2.7: East Asia and Pacific Forest Law Enforcement and Governance (EAP FLEG). p14
2.8: Central America FLEG. p14
2.9: Europe-North Asia Forest Law Enforcement and Governance (ENA FLEG). p15
2.9.1:  New Russian Forestry Code. p15
2.9.2: National Action Plans for Illegal Logging. p15

3: National Procurement Policies. p15
3.1: Germany announces procurement policy recognising both PEFC and FSC. p15
3.2: UK. p15
3.2.1: Legal and sustainable mandatory from 2009. p15
3.2.2: London Olympic’s to favour wood, but it has to be certified. p16
3.2.3: Majority of wood supplied to the UK is now certified. p16

4: National forest policies. p18
4.1: Romania gives tax break to certified forests. p18
4.2: Liberian forest reform. p19
4.3: Nicaragua adopts independent forest monitor. p19

5: Private sector initiatives. p19
5.1: Timber Trade Action Plan leading efforts to develop procurement policies. p19
5.2: Dutch construction companies sign an agreement with FSC. p20
5.3: African traders move to develop supplies of FSC and verified legal timber. p20
5.4: Canadian softwood exporters turn to Europe again. p21
5.5: Mixed supply situation for Russian certified softwood. p21
5.6: Promoting certification in the Chinese hardwood plywood business. p21

6: Environmental campaigns. p23
6.1: NGO alleges violations of FSC standard in Sweden. p23
6.2: EIA allege continuing widespread illegal operations in Indonesia. p23

7: Events. p24


Report PDF: T&E_Apr_Jun_2007


Consultants commentary and highlights. p4

1: Development of Forest Certification. p6
1.1: Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). p6
1.1.1: Status and area. p6
1.1.2: China office opens. p6
1.1.3: Public consultation on American Tree Farm System. p6
1.2: Forest Stewardship Council. p6
1.2.1: Status and area. p6
1.2.2: FSC develops new strategy. p7
1.2.3: FSC prioritises small owners in the United States. p8
1.2.4: Dutch companies promote FSC. p8
1.2.5: Strengthening national initiatives. p9
1.2.6: German FSC promotion. p9
1.2.7: Awareness of FSC in the UK. p9
1.2.8: FSC-watch critique. p9
1.2.9: FSC combines with German eco-labelling scheme. p10
1.2.10: Bolivia leading tropical exporter of FSC-certified wood products. p11

2: International Agreements and institutions. p11
2.1: European Union. p11
2.1.1: FLEGT VPA Negotiations. p11
2.1.2: EC guidance sought on social issues. p12
2.1.3: Trade in ramin suspended. p12
2.1.4: Biofuels commitment. p13
2.2: UNFCCC. p13
2.3: UNFF given a new lease of life. p13
2.4: ITTC struggles to elect Executive Director. p15
2.5: World Bank champions “avoided deforestation”. p16
2.6: G8 builds consensus on climate change. p16
2.7: Globe International G8+5 Legislators Forum. p17
2.7.1: Illegal logging. p17
2.7.2: Climate change. p17
2.8: CITES focuses on timber species, although few changes are agreed. p18
2.9: Comprehensive review of European sustainable forestry being prepared. p19

3: National Procurement Policies. p19
3.1: Denmark consults on timber procurement criteria. p19
3.2: UK. p20
3.2.1: Amendment to UK Government procurement policy. p20
3.2.2: UK champions Lacey Act approach in Europe. p21
3.2.3: CPET pilot study of construction projects. p21
3.2.4: Greater London Authority moves away from FSC only policy. p21
3.2.5: Conservative party opposition consults on forest policy. p21
3.2.6: Code for Sustainable Homes. p22
3.2.7: UK announces support for Congo forestry. p23
3.2.8: Focus on CSR and certification in UK print industry. p23
3.3: Germany. p23
3.3.1: Germany introduces public procurement policy. p23
3.3.2: German timber trade association announces Code of Conduct. p24
3.3.3: German Paper Union calls for end to subsidies on wood used for energy. p25
3.3.4: Interzum Furniture Fair, Cologne. p25
3.4: Spain: green procurement off the radar screen. p25
3.6: Portugal: little or no demand for certified wood products. p26
3.7: Netherlands. p27
3.7.1: Close to a quarter of all timber from certified sources. p27
3.7.2: Keurhout recognition of MTCC under scrutiny. p28
3.8: China plays down procurement role. p28
3.9: Luxembourg announces development of inclusive timber procurement policy. p29

4: National forest policies. p30
4.1: Indonesian progress to crack down on illegal logging comes too late for donors. p30
4.2: Brazil: policy environment encourages illegal logging. p31
4.3: PNG announces intent to develop legality verification system. p32
4.4: Russia: Federal government reports widespread illegal logging. p32

5: Private sector initiatives. p32
5.1: International Council for Forest and Paper Associations (ICFPA). p32
5.2: European Timber Trade Action Plan (TTAP). p33
5.2.1: Role of TTAP. p33
5.2.2: Progress to develop legality verification. p33
5.2.3: Efforts to harmonise EU private sector timber procumement policies. p34
5.3: Report raises prospect of increased Chinese commitment to responsible sourcing. p34

6: Environmental campaigns. p35
6.1: WWF publishes blacklist of German timber traders. p35
6.2: WWF to track illegal timber origins using wood-isotopes. p36
6.3: Greenpeace target wood from Congo DRC. p36
6.4: HSBC under fire for dealing with Malaysian company. p36

7: Events. p37


Report PDF: T&E_Sep_Oct_2007


Consultants commentary and highlights. p3

1: Development of Forest Certification. p4
1.1: Total global forest area. p4
1.2: The key role of Russia. p5
1.3: Trends in chain of custody. p7
1.4: FSC. p8
1.4.1: Pushing for exclusive market access. p8
1.4.2: FSC CoC under scrutiny in China. p9
1.4.3: New policy for companies using FSC trademark. p9
1.5: PEFC develops new strategy. p9
1.6: WWF’s Global Forest and Trade Network. p10

2: International Agreements and institutions. p11
2.1: European Union. p11
2.1.1: FLEGT VPA Negotiations. p11
2.1.2: Additional legislative options. p12
2.1.3: DG Environment Industry Information and Brainstorming meeting on FLEGT. p13
2.2: UNECE Timber Committee. p14
2.2.1: Overview. p14
2.2.2: Market Discussions. p14
2.2.3: Bioenergy Policy Forum. p17
2.2.4: Team of Marketing Specialists. p18
2.3: EU-China Conference on Forest Law Enforcement. p18
2.4: Forests Now Declaration. p20

3: Events. p21


Report PDF: T&E_Nov_Dec_2007


Summary and highlights. p3

1: Development of Forest Certification. p5
1.1: Global trends. p5
1.2: PEFC. p6
1.3: FSC. p6
1.3.1: New Strategy Published. p6
1.3.2: Business Unit established. p8
1.3.3: Modular certification. p8
1.3.4: Chain of custody standard agreed. p9
1.4: Phased certification and legality verification in the tropics. p10
1.5: ITTO certification report. p12

2: International Agreements and institutions. p14
2.1: European Union. p14
2.1.1: EC Communication on Green Public Procurement. p14
2.1.2: Harmonisation of public sector timber procurement policy. p15
2.1.3: FLEGT VPA Negotiations. p15
2.1.4: Additional legislative options. p15
2.1.5: Eco-label for wood furniture. p16
2.2: UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. p17
2.2.1: Bali Agreement. p17
2.2.2: Forestry measures to mitigate climate change. p18
2.3: ITTO progress dampened by future uncertainty. p18
2.4: MCPFE emphasises need for increased use and mobilisation of wood. p19
2.5: Asia Forest Partnership recieves new mandate. p20

3: National level developments. p21
3.1: United Kingdom. p21
3.1.1: CPET prepares ground for April 2009 policy change. p21
3.1.2: UK government consultation on additional legislation. p21
3.1.3: NextGeneration Initiative in the UK Housing Sector. p22
3.1.4: Future of the Code for Sustainable Homes. p23
3.2: France. p24
3.2.1: Public sector procurement policy. p24
3.2.2: Grenelle de l'Environnement. p24
3.2.3: Le Commerce du Bois Environmental Charter. p25
3.3: Italy shows some interest in environmental timber procurement. p26
3.4: Spain and Portugal indicate intent to develop procurement policy. p27
3.5: Germany tightens energy efficiency stands. p27
3.6: Netherlands strengthens green procurement commitment. p27

4: Private sector initiatives. p27
4.1: Workshop on harmonising EU TTF Purchasing Policies. p27

5: Events. p28

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