AF&PA – Trade and Environment Program in Europe Reports


Report PDF: T&E_Jan_Feb_2004


1: Forest Certification Developments
1.1: Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC)
1.1.1: Certified forest area
1.1.2: PEFC to draft international CoC standard
1.1.3: PEFC and GMOs
1.1.4: PEFC national developments
1.1.5: PEFC conference for ENGOs
1.2: Forest Stewardship Council
1.2.1: Certified forest area
1.2.2: Accreditation process
1.2.3: Chain of custody procedures
1.2.4: Protecting brand integrity
1.2.5: SMILF Initiative
1.2.6: Threatened breakdown in Swedish negotiations
1.3: Certification wars reignite
1.4: MTCC scheme criticised

2: International Arrangements and institutions
2.1: European Union
2.1.1: FLEGT
2.1.2: Eco-label on furniture
2.1.3: EU Procurement Directive
2.3: Convention on Biodiversity

3: National Forest Policy
3.1: Indonesia vs Malaysia (round 2)
3.2: Vietnam
3.3: Congo Basin
3.3.1: Management planning process
3.3.2: New monitoring system

4: National Timber Procurement Policy
4.1: UK
4.1.1: UK government procurement policy
4.1.2: BREEAM/Ecohomes
4.2: Ireland
4.3: FERN survey of timber procurement policies

5: Environmental campaigns and issues
5.1: Greenpeace focuses on Indonesia
5.2: WWF withdraw from Indonesian project
5.3: FERN campaign against recognition of forests as carbon sinks

6: Meetings
6.1: Future meetings in Europe
6.2: Future meetings outside Europe


Report PDF: T&E_Apr_Jun_2004


1: Summary. p3

2: Forest certification developments. p3
2.1: Distribution of certified forest area and CoC certification. p3
2.2: Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes. p5
2.2.1: Response to QACC. p5
2.2.2: ENGO Symposium. p6
2.2.3: PEFC National developments. p6 Schemes undergoing endorsement. p6 PEFC UK Third AGM 07/07/2004. p6 PEFC in the Czech Republic. p7 PEFC in Germany. p7 PEFC in Italy. p7
2.3: Forest Stewardship Council. p7
2.3.1: New FSC chain of custody standards. p7
2.3.2: FSC Plantations website. p7
2.3.3: FSC Certified Brazil. p7
2.3.4: FSC in the Netherlands. p7
2.3.5: FSC in the United Kingdom. p8
2.4: International harmonisation of chain of custody standards. p8
2.5: Legitimacy threshold model. p8

3: International agreements and institutions. p9
3.1: FLEGT. p9
3.1.1: European Commission finalise FLEGT regulations. p9
3.1.2: Russian FLEG process gets underway. p10
3.1.3: ODI look at role of independent monitors. p10
3.1.4: Assessment of existing EU legal frameworks for illegal logging. p11
3.2: Tropical Timber Trade Action Plan. p12

4: National timber procurement policy. p13
4.1: WWF Government Barometer. p13
4.2: United Kingdom. p14
4.2.1: UK announces appointment of timber experts. p14
4.2.2: British Woodworking Federation says certification policy on-target. p14
4.2.3: BRE decides to remove discriminatory certification policy.  p14
4.3: Danish government takes steps to implement procurement policy. p15
4.4: German Federal government policy still allied to FSC. p15
4.5: Spain. p16
4.5.1: Spanish public sector asks for FSC. p16
4.5.2: AEIM to strengthen code of conduct. p16
4.6: France. p17
4.6.1: France introduces tropical timber policy. p17
4.6.2: French trade association develops corporate social responsibility guide. p18
4.7: The Netherlands. p18
4.7.1: BRL, a possible replacement for Keurhout. p18
4.7.2: Vos Bill back on the agenda. p18
4.8: Ireland moves to inclusive approach. p19
4.9: Polish furniture sector interested in FSC. p20

5: Environmentalist campaigns. p20
5.1: WWF forest and trade network changes direction on FSC-only policy. p20


Report PDF: T&E_Sep_Oct_2004


1: Forest certification developments. p3
1.1: Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification. p3
1.1.1: Current status of PEFC certification. p3
1.1.2: PEFC national news. p3
1.2: Forest Stewardship Council. p6
1.2.1: 10th Anniversary Celebration and Annual Conference. p7
1.2.2: FSC Plantations Review. p7
1.2.3: Evolution of international framework. p7
1.2.4: FSC launches new chain of custody standards. p8
1.2.5: Accreditation of standards and certification bodies. p8
1.2.6: FSC Market Developments. p9
1.2.7: UK production of FSC certified timber. p9
1.3: Gabon leads expansion of PEFC into Africa. p10
1.4: Yale Symposium on certification in transition economies. p11

2: International agreements and institutions. p11
2.1: World Bank/WWF Alliance QACC. p11
2.2: Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). p12
2.3: European Union Constitution. p12

3: National timber procurement policy. p13
3.1: WWF Barometer updated. p13
3.2: Netherlands. p14
3.2.1: Vos Bill. p14
3.2.2: Assessment of Certified Wood Products. p14
3.2.3: Illegal Logging. p14
3.3: United Kingdom. p15
3.3.1: Government procurement policy. p15
3.3.2: New law promotes sustainable building. p15

4: Environmental campaigns. p15


Report PDF: T&E_Nov_Dec_2004


1: Forest certification developments. p4
1.1: Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification. p4
1.1.1: Current status of PEFC certification. p4
1.1.2: PEFC chain of custody standard. p5
1.1.3: PEFC national news. p6 Australian Forest Certification Scheme. p6 PEFC Czech Republic. p7 PEFC Denmark. p7 PEFC Spain. p7
1.2: Forest Stewardship Council. p8
1.2.1: Current status of FSC certified forest area. p8
1.2.2: Current status of FSC chain of custody certification. p9
1.2.3: Plantation review. p9
1.2.4: ISEAL “peer audit” of FSC accreditation system. p10
1.2.5: South America focus of attention. p10
1.2.6: FSC given international award. p10
1.2.7: FSC certificate in British Columbia. p11
1.2.8: B&Q adopts FSC chain of custody. p11
1.2.9: HSBC’s preference for FSC reflects strong WWF links. p12
1.3: CEPI On-line comparative matrix of forest certification schemes. p12

2: International agreements and institutions. p13
2.1: Forest Law Enforcement and Governance (FLEG). p13
2.1.1: EU FLEGT. p13 EU Regulation on Timber Import Licensing Scheme. p13 ENGO position. p14 CEPI position. p15 Tropical Timber Trade Action Plan receives funding. p15 RIIA studies highlight legality licensing problems. p16 Development co-operation. p18
2.1.2: Africa FLEG. p18
2.1.3: East Asia. p20 East Asia FLEG progress. p20 Asia Forest Partnership. p20 Inter-governmental MoUs. p21 Indonesia-Malaysia cross-border trade. p22 Workshop on Controlling Trade in Illegally Produced Timber. p23
2.1.4: Europe and North Asia FLEG. p23
2.2: EC Handbook on Green Public Procurement. p24
2.3: International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO). p25

3: National timber procurement policy. p27
3.3: United Kingdom. p27
3.1.1: Government procurement policy. p27
3.1.2: Chartered Institute of Building sustainable timber guidance. p28

4: Meetings. p29
4.1: CEPI Seminar on Responsible Sourcing of Raw Materials. p29
4.2: Future meetings. p30


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